Five Tips to Combat Range Anxiety

One common concern among EV owners and potential buyers is ‘range anxiety’ – the fear that the vehicle’s battery will run out before reaching the destination or a charging station. Here are the top five tips to combat range anxiety for EV owners in 2023.

1. Plan Your Route Strategically

With the rise of EVs, the number of charging stations has significantly increased. Use navigation apps specifically designed for EVs, like PlugShare or Zap Map, to plan your route. These apps show all the charging stations along your route, helping you strategise your stops and effectively combat range anxiety.

2. Regularly Maintain Your EV Battery

Just like a petrol or diesel vehicle, regular maintenance is crucial for an EV. Regular battery check-ups can ensure optimal performance and longevity. Keep an eye on your battery’s health and get it serviced if you notice any significant drop in range.

3. Understand Your EV’s Consumption Patterns

Different driving conditions can affect your EV’s battery consumption. Factors like speed, terrain, and use of air conditioning can impact the range. By understanding these consumption patterns, you can better manage your battery life and reduce range anxiety.

4. Make Use of Regenerative Braking

Most modern EVs come with regenerative braking, a feature that recharges the battery when you apply the brakes or coast. This can significantly extend your range, especially in city driving conditions. Make sure you’re familiar with how to use this feature effectively.

5. Keep Your EV Charged

It’s a good practice to plug in your EV whenever possible, even if it’s not close to being empty. This way, you’ll always have as much range as possible when you start your journey.

In conclusion, while range anxiety is a common concern among EV owners, these tips can help you manage and even overcome it. With strategic planning, regular maintenance, understanding consumption patterns, making use of regenerative braking, and keeping your EV charged, you can enjoy the benefits of electric driving without the stress of running out of battery.

Photo by Daniel Cartin on Unsplash